Sustainable Living

As a scientist I have always tried to stay up to date on to what’s happening in our environment.  I began my career in marine biology in high school, working as a marine educator during the summers. I earned my bachelors in Marine Biology and Masters in Coastal Sciences from the University of Southern Mississippi and currently study desert stream ecology here in Arizona.  I taught marine education for over 10 years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and have worked hard to help others become better stewards of the environment.   

Climate Change is currently one of the greatest threats being faced by my generation and will have a great impact on the generations to come.  I feel like it is really time I step up and do a better job of practicing what I preach.  I want to explore all the aspects of my life and see where I can do more to shrink my carbon footprint.  

I know living a sustainable lifestyle can be difficult, time consuming, and probably expensive and out of reach for many people.  I want to explore how I can make sustainability more accessible and practical for those of us who still work 40+ hours a week and are living paycheck to paycheck.