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My name is Leah Gaines-Sewell. I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, earned a masters degree in Marine Biology, and promptly moved to the Arizona Desert!  I am currently researching desert stream food webs and teaching Environmental Biology classes.

This lifestyle blog is all about my journey to living a more sustainable life while still indulging my southern hostess style.  I love throwing parties, having a few friends over for dinner and game night, or just cooking dinner with my husband. I want to discover and highlight the most practical ways we can all be a little more green while living on my millennial budget and just trying to adult!  From testing and ranking meatless Monday recipes with the hubs, utilizing thrift stores to reuse or repurpose items, researching the facts behind more sustainable choices, to sharing my favorite tips to be a fabulous hostess. I hope you will join me on my journey! 

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I love connecting with others who are interested in or on a similar journey to sustainability.  If you’d like to ask me a question, submit a meatless monday recipe, collaborate, or just say “Hi!” email me below or message me on any of my above social media platforms! Love ya’ll!