Meatless Monday Recipes

Anyone else’s husband not want to eat their vegetables?

My husband is a meat and potatoes kinda guy.  As a Mississippi boy, he grew up eating great southern home cooking.  His mom is a wonderful cook, and can rival Paula Deen.  High protein meals with lots of meat were staples in his household.  I, on the other hand, grew up with an aerobics instructor mother who worked very hard to get me to eat all my fruits and veggies.  She could still fry chicken, and did on occasion, but we ate salad with almost every meal and baked chicken and steamed broccoli several times a week!  

My sister introduced me to a vegan, vegetarian diet over 10 years ago and after trying it I realized how much happier my body was.  I explored different types of diets over the next few years and settled into a weird combination of a pescatarian and the Mediterranean diet. Fish, lentils, beans, and tofu were my primary protein sources.  Before my husband and I were married I spent several years introducing him to my favorite vegetarian dishes.  While skeptical at first, he was open to trying the meals I cooked. I finally found a winner when I made him a veggie stir fry.  Since then he has discovered many other plant based dishes he enjoys.  While we still eat more meat than I would like, we do incorporate several meatless meals a week into our diet.  

Every Monday I will test a vegetarian/vegan recipe on my husband. He will rate it on a scale of 0-5 stars and critique each dish based on how much he “misses the meat”.  If you would like me to test your favorite veggie recipe against my husband’s carnivorous palette submit your recipe below.  Make sure to include the name of its creator and a link to the original recipe (if available) so that I can give credit to the creator. 

Missing the Meat Scale

0 stars – Give me back the Meat! We will never make this again. It was a complete fail

1 star – Eh, not the worst but I would not order it or make again but if someone served it I’d eat it 

2 stars – Average,  not as filling without the meat.  The recipe could use improvements. I’d eat it if I needed too, like if we had the ingredients I’d make it work.

3 stars- Good, I’d make it again and I don’t really miss the meat but it would really make this recipe better.  This is not as filling as a meat version.

4 stars – Excellent, I don’t miss the meat.  I’m completely satisfied. We will totally make this again. Bring on the veggies! 

5 stars – I’d take this over a meat version.  My husband says this will never happen so it is now my life’s mission to make him “eat” these words!