How to Plan a Stress Free Vegetarian Brunch

Vegetarian brunch

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Avocado Toast Brunch Board

During quarantine I haven’t been doing much party planning but I’m hopeful in the near future I’ll be able to invite guests into my home again! In the meantime I’ve been working on reducing the monotony around our apartment by creating special meals for our party of 2. It gives us something to look forward to and sets the days apart from one another.

Mothers Day Brunch

This past Mother’s day I couldn’t be with my mom, grandmother, or mother in law who all live in Mississippi. My husband and I were supposed to be traveling home this week to celebrate Mother’s day and our 4 year anniversary with friends and family. Instead we made the hard decision and canceled our trip. While this was a difficult decision, we felt it was the safest and best course of action. Rather than dwelling on what we couldn’t do, I instead planned a special brunch to enjoy while we facetimed our moms and appreciated the health we all have.

Since I had a request from a friend for some vegetarian brunch ideas I used this as inspiration for my menu planning. Breakfast and brunch are some of the easiest meals to make meatless. Many people already eat a vegetarian breakfast without even considering it. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, bagels, smoothies, oatmeal, grits, cereal, and that Starbucks chocolate croissant you love are all inherently vegetarian. We generally choose to add bacon, sausage, ham, or some other meat to our morning meal, but more often than not it’s easy to leave it out.

Let me show you how easy it is to plan a meatless brunch that will impress even your most carnivorous of friends! I’ll walk you through how I plan a get together, whether its for 2 people or 20. Then I’ll give you a few sample brunch menus and ideas to keep your guests entertained. Vegetarian Brunch time!

Plan your Meatless Brunch ?Vegetarian Brunch

1. Pick your date and time 

Brunch is generally served between 10am and 2pm. Since most of my friends don’t like to wake up early on a Saturday morning I usually plan it around 11.  This gives me time to get a few things done before they arrive without waking up at 5am.

2. Invite your crew!

Brunch is best shared with good company!

3. Theme 

This is optional but it helps me keep focused. Sometimes your theme can be specific: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or it can be as simple as Brunch!  I usually go with something seasonal and plan my menu around the theme.  I would have a fall themed menu in October or a mardi gras theme in February.  

4. Decide on a menu

This is my favorite part.  I usually start with a rough menu, choosing one item that really interests me and go from there.  If I get stuck I browse pinterest for inspiration.

When planning a menu I generally stick with 3 or 4 items including only one dish that requires any sort of time commitment. Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now and I’m in love with making them; so I put together an avocado toast brunch board for my quick and classy Mother’s day brunch!

How to make Avocado Toast

I like my avocados to be mashed so it’s easy to spread. To make the mashed avocado mixture I used 2 ripe avocados, added some salt, pepper, a little garlic powder, and some lime juice all to taste and mixed with a fork. To the board, I added all sorts of toppings, some veggies, hummus, and fresh fruit to complete the board. I included a variety of hot sauces, balsamic glaze, and chile lime and everything bagel seasonings to finish the toasts. I served all of this with classic mimosas.

Check out my sample menus below. I included menus for a variety of skill levels and time commitments. They are listed in order from easiest to most complicated or time consuming. I used Menu 1 for my brunch! There are links to all sorts of menu ideas in my Meatless Brunch Pinterest Board as well.

Sample Menus: Vegetarian brunch

Menu 1 Menu 2Menu 3Menu 4Menu 5
Main Item
Avocado Toast Brunch Board
Tofu ScrambleGreen Chile Cornbread WafflesCrockpot French ToastVeggie Quiche or frittata
Nibblesveggies and hummusfresh tomato saladchips and guacamole or fresh salsaoven poached eggsblanched asparagus
Something Sweetgrapes, strawberries,
fruit salad
pastriesbuild your own yogurt parfaitchopped fruit for toppingsmuffins and fruit
Notesavocado toast toppings:
sliced tomatoes, flax seeds, hot sauce, chopped red onion, sprouts
serve with hot sauce and chopped fresh herbs, buy pastries pre mademake the waffles first then keep them on a sheet pan in the oven on warm till your ready to servePut this in the crockpot the night before and your home will smell amazing!Buy muffins from a local bakery to save time
Mix and match your favorite items to create your ultimate meatless brunch menu!

Cocktails: bloody mary, mimosas

Brunch is often served with a cocktail. Mimosas or bloody marys are an easy choice. I love using different juices in my mimosas like cranberry or pineapple. Fresh juices, agua fresca, or fruit infused waters are great options for non drinkers as well. If you are serving cocktails make a big pitcher ahead of time so you aren’t constantly mixing individual drinks. Even mimosas can be made in a pitcher right before the party starts.  I’ve added several cocktail ideas to my Meatless Brunch Pinterest Board!

4. Sustainable Centerpieces and Serving Ideas

If you’re trying to be more sustainable avoid single use items like plastic forks, and paper napkins.  Thrift stores are great places to find nice sets of cloth napkins, vintage serving dishes, and vases to use at parties and around your home. Look for classic pieces and neutral color patterns for more versatility. The best part is they can be reused in the future! 

Where decorations are concerned simple is best!  Adding a few tiny changes can make a big impact and class up the look of your table or living room and make the place feel extra special.  I focus on setting a nice table with an easy centerpiece using items I already have.  I also really love using a chalkboard or letterboard to add fun sayings. This is an easy way enhance your theme and carry it into another room! 

Centerpiece ideas

  1. Use a small house plant or foliage cut from your yard instead of buying flowers.
  2. Get creative with the shells you collected from your last beach trip.
  3. Put your main dish on a cake stand to give it height.  Now that gorgeous quiche you made becomes the centerpiece! 
  4. Use fresh fruit in your favorite decorative bowl. I love using seasonal fruit, especially if it’s also incorporated into a dish I’m serving.

 I plan on writing an entire post dedicated to sustainable party planning and decorations, but in the meantime check out my pinterest board for more inspiration! 

5. Entertainment

If you have time, put together a playlist of your favorite chill tunes, put on a movie in the background based on your theme, break out the lawn or board games (cornhole is always fun if the weather is nice), or just plan on good conversation with great friends. 

Check out these playlists on Spotify and Amazon Music for your next brunch!

Spotify: Brunch Playlist, Boozy Brunch

Amazon music: Classical Brunch, Country Brunch, Mellow Brunch, Sunday Morning Soul

6. Reduce Stress

Parties don’t have to be stressful. Make a quick timeline for when you’d like everything to be done. If cooking stresses you out purchase pre made items from the grocery store or your local bakery. Try to prep as much as you can the day before so you’re not running around stressed the morning of.  For my brunch all I wanted to do the morning of was toast the bread, mash the avocados, and arrange everything on the board.  In less than 30 minutes and I was able to pour myself a mimosa and sit back and relax!  

What are your favorite vegetarian brunch recipes? Do you have a favorite brunch cocktail? Did you just realize that you already eat a meatless breakfast? Let me know in the comments below!

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